HIV病毒会规避人体免疫系统 疫苗开发艰难

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HIV病毒会规避人体免疫系统 疫苗开发艰难

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  美国国立癌症研究所从事病毒进化研究的Colm O'hUigin认为,过去的研究仅为揭示这些谜团开启了“一小扇窗口”。他说:“此次的研究则不同凡响,因为它提出了一种长期的观点,即HLA正开始在人群中塑造病毒。”




  不过,论文作者之一、美国哈佛大学、MIT及麻省陆军总医院(MGH)联合组建的Ragon艾滋病研究所主任Bruce Walker强调,这一结果可能并不像它看起来那么可怕。他说:“乍一看,你会想,噢,天哪,这太糟糕了。但在另一方面,随着病毒的改变,这有可能为疫苗暴露了其它的靶标。”他同时表示,病毒的一些区域较少发生突变,当这些区域发生突变时,病毒会变得较为“虚弱”,所以我们有可能鉴别并标靶这些区域。


HIV virus to circumvent the body's immune system vaccine development difficult
Source: Internet 2009-02-27
HIV virus

Japan, Britain, the United States scientists reported that the development of HIV (HIV) vaccines may be more difficult than expected. HIV antiviral drugs because not only will generate resistance, but will also circumvent the evolution of human immune system. Related papers online February 25, published in "Nature" (Nature) magazine.

Before scientists have had in a single study in patients with HIV evolution and human interaction between the immune system, was found to carry human leukocyte antigen (HLA) certain mutations in people can more effectively control the HIV infection.

The United States National Cancer Institute study of virus evolution Colm O'hUigin think, past studies only reveal these mysteries to open a "window of one small fan." He said: "The research is extraordinary, because it presents a long-term view that the HLA is beginning to shape the virus in the crowd."

New study from nine kinds of people, a total of 2875 HIV-infected persons who examined the HLA mutant with the interaction between HIV. The researchers initially focused are known to reduce infection in patients with HLA-B51, but the researchers found that, in carrying the HLA-B51 patients, HIV has developed a kind of "escape mutants", be able to circumvent the HLA-B51 protective effect.

The researchers found, with HLA-B51 HIV-infected persons in 96% of the body are to avoid the existence of such mutations. HLA-B51 in common areas, escape mutation is also common, indicating that the evolution of HIV is to circumvent the immune system. The other 13 kinds of escape mutation study has also shown a similar pattern.

Now that HIV can try to evade the human immune system, then it could probably also be able to circumvent the relevant vaccine. Therefore, O'hUigin said that for HLA can recognize virus antigen epitopes (epitope) of the vaccine "may receive the initial effect, but the virus will quickly adapt to the vaccine strategy, and began to take shape a unique form of circumvention of the vaccine."

However, the author of the thesis, Harvard University, MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital of the Army (MGH) to form the United Ragon AIDS Institute Director Bruce Walker stressed that the results may not be so terrible as it looks. He said: "At first glance, you would think, Oh, my God, this is a bad thing. But on the other hand, as the virus changes, which may have exposed other vaccine target." He also said that virus in some regions fewer mutations, when mutations in these regions, the virus will become more "weak", so we may have to identify and target these areas.

He said that the whole, this study emphasizes the importance, we need to track the worldwide population of HIV, and not merely confined to the United States, "It helps explain why HIV in different parts of the world places such differences exist, because it have to adapt to a different world. "