The screenplay Chinese disabled people (recruit overseas investors)

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 Chinese disabled person family ethical film "Romance" strange love

The film tells the 80's of the last century, we can self way to get the diploma, also can change their life trajectory, sothere is a group of young people to break the pattern, to join the Zikao College industry.

There are four small partners have become big lawyer's dream, they work diligently and conscientiously to self-studycollege of law in his spare time in their own work, the four small partners to work together to learn to complete thedream together.

Four small partners in the boss and one of the female partner, they fall in love, love is so with vigour and vitality, love so pure, but female partners parents split up, and moved out of the city to another city, female partners in thepressure to marry to his parents a buddy of mine to do a full-time wife.

Suffered in the love strike leader, despair when a little girl into his world, the little girl moved the boss with the mostreal emotions, at the same time the boss also gave the little girl promised to wait for her adult marry her.

Growing up in the little girl a few years, the boss is in complete their college, to complete their dream big lawyer.They encourage each other, care and support, care for each other happy through years of growth.

The passage of time the little girl has become slim and graceful girl, but her boss to love more and more each dayand attachment.

The boss has become the local famous barrister, the girl's love than a day for a day of deep.

Leave the female partner returned to her familiar city, now she is just a divorce without a stable working woman, the two partners the smallest chance four small partners met in the street, now two small partners in the smallestconsisting of small family warm and a little baby. With home when touched to see the baby's boss and the little girl in the two man, in a talk after their leave contact way.

Female partners that eldest brother getting married at the hotel for a night without sleep, second days on the lawsuitabout the boss name meet, meet at a cafe two people, is in the vicinity of goods procurement married girl finds, sothe little girl stalking them, female partners to data in the hotel grounds and let the boss to her room.

The little girl misunderstanding eldest brother to betray this forever love, then went to the seaside desperate to throw herself into the sea, the boss learned that the little girl misunderstood ran to the seaside saved the little girl.

Writer: Zhou Lin


China disabled person family ethical film "warm new home"

The film tells the story of a lonely old woman retired, found four of two male and two female children (three deaf mutea disabled) on low income to bring them up to adult, in this period also cannot do without next door neighbours andneighborhood committees concerned.

Four disabled children in the lonely old woman care, all sensible filial piety in the neighborhood they are best for children, they must learn to overcome hardships diligent proficiency in a particular line, the four of them togetherthrough the efforts to the lonely old lady bought a big house, live happy every day.

On the good days soon began when four are not blood relations, but in the four long time growth with the feeling of love for each other, but they cannot reason told tangled emotions under four left new house, leaving a lonely oldwoman alone in the new house to live.

The old woman fell ill in the sad mood, with their good old neighbor just met to send the old man to the hospital, four children to know their own selfishness shouldn't hurt the old woman's heart.

The old woman dying to see the four kids, and told them not to do this, they should unite, for each other, to entrust the old neighbor to watch them, I hope they marry and settle down, opening branches and leaves let her to have a look to his grave.

The old woman died after a couple of years four children married, opening branches and leaves with their familiescame to the grave to the old grave.

Writer: Zhou Lin



A movie script "Chinese disabled people in Munich wedding" Introduction

The film tell deaf art girl married the German Paralympic Game champion boy story, an abandoned disabledmechanical engineer, married the daughter of the German machinery manufacturers.

They from understanding to interact in an unusual experience, they encounter is the best gift God give.

The girl's mother never agree to accept the transnational marriage, also is the German boy's mother with a sincere heart, to impress the girl mother let her put down all the doubts of the heart, the last two family finally become one family.

In the German machinery manufacturers boss, no discrimination eyes to look at a Chinese disabled boy, no secularidea to stop his daughter to associate with him, the boss is the biggest harvest the Chinese market interests, find the most suitable partners, let daughter also find lifelong happiness, their own business successor.

In fact, although the story is simple, but contains many, judge the phenomenon, people with disabilities have manyphysical inconvenience, but they know how to cherish life more and more efforts to struggle not harmonic.

Writer: Zhou Lin






                                              Chinese disabled Writers: 

Zhou Lin



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