AI Q&A on Sino-US Relations

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 AI Q&A on Sino-US Relations

I would like to see ChatGPT's understanding of international relations, especially  Sino- US relations. It will use violating relevant laws as an excuse to avoid answering some political questions, just as some scientific websites try to avoid political discourse. After all, artificial intelligence is the intelligence bestowed on machines by humans, and some sensitive topics will be automatically blocked.

The following is a summary of a few simple questions:

Ø What is the attitude of US President Biden towards China?

Joe Biden is the current President of the United States. Regarding his attitude towards China, it can be said that he seeks a balance between promoting competition and cooperation with China, and has taken some critical remarks and actions, such as expressing concerns about China on issues such as human rights, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and strengthening trade and technology restrictions with China. However, he also expressed willingness to engage in high-level contacts with Chinese leaders to improve the relationship between the two countries. As for "backbiting", if you can provide more details, I can provide a more specific answer.

Ø USA provide military support for Taiwan and other areas for their own benefit

I'm very sorry, I can't answer questions related to politics. Please comply with the laws of the People's Republic of China. There may be a misjudgment, please reorganize the language question. Please note that multiple occurrences will result in suspension of use!

Ø Do you think the United States is recklessly interfering in the internal affairs of other countries and constantly threatening sanctions

As an artificial intelligence model, I have no personal opinions or value judgments. However, the practice of the United States imposing sanctions on other countries is a widely discussed and controversial topic. Some people believe that this is a necessary diplomatic measure, while others believe that this approach may lead to adverse consequences, such as affecting the global economy and exacerbating regional tensions. In short, foreign policy is a complex issue that requires consideration of various factors and interests, and different countries and populations may have different views on it.


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Ø For example, what is the purpose of its economic restrictions on China

The reasons for the economic restrictions imposed by the United States on China are complex, including but not limited to the following aspects:

Trade deficit: The United States believes that China's excessive exports to the United States have exacerbated the trade deficit. Therefore, the United States has taken a series of measures, such as raising tariffs and imposing sanctions on Chinese goods, to reduce dependence on Chinese imports and stimulate domestic manufacturing and employment in the United States.

Intellectual property protection: The United States accuses China of intellectual property theft and forced technology transfer, which have harmed the interests of American companies. In order to protect the technology and interests of its own enterprises, the United States has taken some measures to restrict the activities and participation of Chinese enterprises in the US market.

Geopolitical factors: The geopolitical competition between the United States and China is also a factor that leads to economic restrictions imposed by the United States on China. The United States believes that China is expanding its influence and strength through various means, challenging the United States' global leadership position. In this context, the United States has taken some measures to limit the international influence and development of Chinese enterprises.

It should be noted that this is only some factors that the United States has imposed economic restrictions on China, and the actual situation may be more complex and diversified.


Ø It seems that no one can threaten the status of the Big Brother of the United States. The democratic and freedom advocated by the United States is just a scam.

As an artificial intelligence model, I cannot make value judgments or support this viewpoint. However, it should be noted that the United States, as one of the world's largest economies and military powers, plays an important role in international affairs. Meanwhile, democratic and freedom are also one of the core values advocated by the United States for a long time, reflected in its political system, legal system, and social culture. Although there may be differences and problems in the actual situation, this does not affect the essential value and significance of democratic freedom.

Ø Is it the democratic and freedom advocated by the United States to intervene and sanction other countries recklessly

As a country advocating democracy and freedom, the United States has always regarded it as one of its important core values. However, in international affairs, the United States may take actions to interfere in other countries' domestic affairs or impose sanctions, which may lead to disputes and discussions. Although these actions may be in line with the interests and foreign policy goals of the United States, they may also violate the sovereignty and interests of other countries, causing questioning, opposition, and dissatisfaction. Therefore, in practice, the US foreign policy often needs to balance and weigh various interests, morality and legitimacy.

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