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At the beginning, a young man is always full of ambition and owns many beautiful dreams, when he is about 20, he is going to enter the society, and he has to obay the rules of the surroundings. It is difficult to keep that many dreams. Then he decides to give up some of the dreams, and pick them up again when he has enough money and time. As the work becomes harder and the pressure becomes sronger, he starts to complain about the society and the unfaire treatment he reciecves. And he is now in his 40’s. The life is still on, when he is 60, he becomes old and tired, all he wants is to enjoy the times. Then, he is to finish his whole life journey at 80, but when he looks back his life, and suddenly notices that, the most beautiful things are all left in the bags of his 20, and none of his dreams has ever been fullfilled……

Now, I am in my 20’s, I keep on asking myself the question like “Do I have to give up my dreams or have I has already given up some of my dreams?” Life is a one-way street, and no one can turn back to live again. So, it would be wise for anynoe to know what he of she really want to do.

What is my original dream? I hope when I think about it again, I won’t regret.

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中国科学院大学博士研究生、高级环保工程师、IPMP、高级信息系统项目管理师、经济师 目前主要从事智慧城市、智慧水务、智慧环保、CDM碳汇交易与绿色金融咨询服务等业务。
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