This kind of boy
People are a kind of very strange animal, it is not very easy to want to really understand others, sometimes not understand oneself. A boy is very good at communicating with the person, what girls‘ popularity is compared is good, discussed a dozen girlfriends in 34 years, so the friend around him always says his big turnip fickle in love. But he does not just admit oneself is, always tries to explain away for oneself. A section of dialogue of his is: Why want, say good-bye two people, that because two people of emotion crack of appearings; Will show two people are unsuitable after presenting the crack; Since unsuitable why is emotion together; Two people will meet other opposite sexes when dividing, so will continue the contacts; With emotion before this being fine to want in let other opposite sex associate just. It seems that this passage is very reasonable, but many people do not approve it! The boy a little casual in emotional life, so long as girl meet requirement of him and throw cherish mostly can accept voluntarily basically, have many girl him think, bored, have attention associate with them at all too. Associate getting much he clear oneself who does it love ever on earth? This boy is often obstinate, regard oneself as the centre, but seldom consider the feeling of one‘s own girl friend but he is quite good to one‘s own friend. It is as him get finally stand by he, boy at the time of departure at all girl to be associated on There is no response, only he himself is most clear he has not really paid the real emotion, so will go away simply in this way. Do not know either what kind of girl this boy likes on earth let him move the true feelings. He can cover up one‘s own true emotion of heart and girl that does not like by oneself and associate, then he is really unmatched too ……

2008-05-28 15:20
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