Cold mountain and collecting the story won
Cold mountain, collect the legendary personages in the Tang Dynasty. The period of Zhengguan for Tang according to legend (627 of the Christian era --649 year) gate of a village Yin Qiu, feudal provincial of Taizhou, write " cold rockery collection of poems biography ", and monk Song praise, would rather write " Song eminent monk biography ", record and narrate their clever different deed.
About cold rockery, common people know origin their neither, know whether surname their, people to meet him say it is " crazy person ". Number place of " cold rock " 35 kilometers west of he live in seclusion Tang make the county prosperous in balcony, often exchanged Guoqing Temple. Regard peel of the birch as, preceded at ordinary times, cloth fur coat shabby, clogs shoe, describe withered and worried, or long song slowly competent, shout, make an uproar, insult people, hope empty to smile alone, ponder profound to think. But speak and vomit languages, all have much philosophic theories, often sing and chant one in the mouth: "Tut-tut, tut-tut! Three circle samsara. "The collecting very friendlily of he and Guoqing Temple. Is abandoned child that this originally collects. One day, be a honorific Buddhist monk to go out abundantly in Guoqing Temple, heard children crying at a side, follow look for, see one several year old child, homeless, take back temple, then all monk blurt out, call him " collect ". Originally, collect in temple to administer the fragrant light of dining room. One day, mount Buddha flat unexpectedly, with statue to dish and food. Buddhist monk rush, down seat come it in a hurry, fire hall of him let, ask him work under the kitchen immediately. Collect so as to often hold and put the incomplete food in the temple in the thick thick bamboo tube, let the cold mountain take back and allay hunger. Two people sing the poem and chant Ji, unrestrained person‘s movements and expression is happy and pleased with oneself. Talk about gate of a village Yin Qiu go to one‘s post soon, have a headache difficult to bear suddenly, medicine was invalid. At a time when be a honorific Buddhist monk to pay a visit abundantly, examine the condition of seeing, it is unnecessary to be worried to claim, suck water to gush out, the patient thinks at once the god clear air is comfortable, head disease is healed suddenly. Gate of a village Yin Qiu feel strange very in the heart but to abundant to be honorific Buddhist monk inquire Taizhou there is He MingXian. Do abundantly and call: "The ones that saw were failed to see, the ones that are known disappear. If want to see it, can‘t fetch photo, can see it. "The cold mountain of Guoqing Temple, collecting that informed is gentle different, general and virtuous Bodhisattva‘s incarnation in fact. Qiu Yin of gate of a village goes to Guoqing Temple after taking office for three days, see the cold mountain of " like the poor son ", collect in the kitchen, bow body week. Two people‘s shout repeatedly, oh laugh, say: "Do abundantly too talkatively! Too talkative! Amitabha Buddha fails to see, what is for me in the gift? "Go out of the temple hand in hand, is left by the cold rock. Qiu Yin of gate of a village goes to the cold rock to call on and ask, give the clothes medicine again. Two people say in drawing back the body and escaping and entering the rock cave to sew: "Newspaper all of your people, every efforts. "The rock was sewn and vanished but shut, disappeared without a trace from then on. Qiu Yin of gate of a village orders monk‘s humanity to stick up and search relics, copies 300 Yu heads of poem among the forest rock and village villa room, edit into " collection of poems of cold rockery ", spread in generation.
About the activity times of the cold rockery and forming of collection of poems, Taoist priest Du GuangTing of the balcony had different statements in the Tang Dynasty. He is until " whether celestial being spread, collect", " write " Vol. 55 record " while being wide while being peaceful: Cold rockery person, I wonder if it, great while going through, live in seclusion in balcony Cuiping Mount. Its mountain is deep, there is snow in the heat, also the cold rock of name, because since number: " cold rockery ". It is a poem to be good, every one and one, the question is on the stone among the trees often, there are meddlers with recording it, 300 all Yu heads. State deep and remote and latent excitement of mountain forest more, or ridicule the tense, can encourage alertly and flow vulgarly. General term for paulownia, phoenix tree and tung tree seek group clever office preface collect it slowly, divide, for volume three, do to human world …… Call cold rockery as the immortal of Taoist school in the book, but Du GuangTing records and narrate and is less than Buddhism far " three is latent " the deed influence is deep and broad.





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