The Dragon Boat Festival custom: Take a vanilla bag, is not afraid of five insect pests
Fragrant bag, call the fragrant bag anciently, also call wearing the curtain, aromatic bag, the ones that made of silk called " embroidered purse " or " silk fragrant bag " too. The fragrant bag has fragrant Chinese herbal medicine that had one‘s ideas straightened out commonly usedly, if melt on turbid Rhizoma Atractylodis, mountain enduring, Radix Angelicae Dahuricae, Rhizoma Acori Graminei, musk, Su HeXiang, Borneolum Syntheticum, cow bezoar, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, fragrant enclosing, hard safe medicine which drives acute communicable diseases fragrantly, contain the stronger volatile material. Have fragrant, drive worm, avoid acute communicable diseases too, anti- disease function fragrant bag initially stone find in the body by tower by statue in Gansu twin towers two such as temple of Qingyang, have more than 830 years at least from today, its model is covered for the lotus leaf, is made by yellowish-brown silkworm‘s fabric. The fragrant bag is selected materials and investigated, the model is graceful, it is meticulous to embroider, it is new to be beautiful in colour, named as " the fragrant bag of a thousand years ". Fragrant bag when does it originate from, have no way of, ascertain, from " Lament " in " Hu river hedge and open up Zhi of Qu Yuan we, it threads to be blue to think, wear in autumn ", " Book of Rites " of Han Dynasty: "Persons who doesn‘t preceded Ji of men and women ……Jin tassel accompany aromatic bag all", three countries Wei towards in great numbers to admire " pledge love " cloud of the poem: "What knock, fragrant bag behind the elbow department. "Prove the fragrant bags had already become ornaments when being in the Warring States, mainly all wear for teenage men and women when Han Dynasty. Sometimes on the belt behind the elbow by the waist generally, some, by the tester or car Nian. And by Tang and Song Dynasty, the fragrant bag develops into women‘s special-purpose product gradually. Sew the fragrant bag of five colors with Princess Chang‘s step Nian in the Tang Dynasty, go on a tour on the fragrant fragrant full way each time. Because there is much peculiar spices from the foreign tribute, the imperial court still regards the fragrant bag as the thing awarded. Wear fragrant difference of bag from then on, in folk to prevail. "Pomegranate spend horn Li fight stylish, whose wine cup it will be today. May smile at the towns and villages all over the country to hinder the wind guest, but up to pearl door of the leaf of the Artemisia. "All sorts of customs that people celebrated festival of the Dragon Boat Festival at that time described. Before and after Dragon Boat Festival, people should take the fragrant bag for the children besides eating to the brown son, inserting the tarragon. By Qing Dynasty, the fragrant bag had already become keepsake of love. Looked from fragrant bag since folk Qing Dynasty in existence, most was main pictures with flowers and animal, various emotion of tactics expression of signifying with the metaphor etc. find sustenance and yearn for beautiful. The analogy, use one pair of fish, pair Butterfly, flood dragon,etc. symbolize the two sexes in love, hand in and shut, bear; Explain women of Italy with lotus flower, lotus, tree peony, plum blossom,etc.; By stepping on the magpie of the plum, honeybee metaphor man who picks flower; The crane signifies the longevity, pomegranate symbolize many sons; And utilize partials of Chinese characters to done to the persons who liken and seen everywhere especially: The ones that give to newly-married couple " wish you a male child soon " (the date, peanut, longan, lotus seeds make the pattern up); " octogenarian‘s Die children‘s interesting " given to the long-lived old man (play with the tree peony and make the pattern up with cat and butterfly, have temperament and interest to explain the life in old age of purpose very much); Give to the child‘s " longevity baby of the good fortune " (rely mainly on baby with sheer silly appearance, bats, peach photo groups surround around, this son‘s much longevity of many good fortune of this life of the implied meaning).
The fragrant bag is mainly worn on the Dragon Boat Festival for the child by modern times, the meaning which drives acute communicable diseases that choose and avoid evil spirits. With the spread of the wind of the folk custom, in addition, there is a " take a vanilla bag, is not afraid of five insect pests " saying among the people, the fragrant bag becomes the ornament which old man, child and young girl all like of Dragon Boat Festival even more.

香包,古称香囊,亦称佩帏、容臭,以锦制作的也称“锦囊”或“锦香袋”。香包常用的是具有芳香开窍的中草药,如芳香化浊驱瘟的苍术、山奈、白芷、菖蒲、麝香、苏合香、冰片、牛黄、川芎、香附、辛夷等药,含有较强的挥发性物质。也有清香、驱虫、避瘟、防病的功能 最早的香包是在甘肃庆阳的双塔寺二号石造像塔体内发现的,距今至少有830多年了,其造型为荷叶盖,由黄褐色蚕织物缝制。香包选料考究,造型雅致,刺绣精细,色彩艳丽如新,被命名为“千岁香包”。
香包起源于何时,无从查考, 但我们从屈原的《离骚》中“扈江篱与辟芷兮,纫秋兰以为佩”,汉代《礼记》:“男女未冠笄者……衿缨皆陪容臭”,三国魏朝繁钦《定情》诗云:“何以致叩叩,香囊系肘后。”都说明香包在战国时已成饰物了,汉代时主要为未成年的男女都是佩戴。一般系于腰间或肘后之下的腰带上,也有的系于床帐或车辇上。而到了唐宋时期,香囊逐渐演变成女性的专用品。唐朝同昌公主的步辇缀五色香囊,每出游芬香满路。由于奇特香料多来自外国的贡品,朝廷还把香囊作为赏赐之物。从此佩带香囊之分,更在民间盛行。“榴花角黎斗时新,今日谁家酒不樽。堪笑江湖阻风客,却随蒿叶上珠门。”描述的当时人们欢度端午佳节的种种习俗。端午节前后,人们除了吃棕子、插艾叶以外,还要给孩子们带上香囊。至清代,香包已成为爱情的信物了。

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